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Navigating Church and 

Private School

Safety & Security, Hospitality, and Operations

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Meeting the Staff

Alan is well known for his work with churches and private schools to provide security assessments, training, seminars, and security-action plans.  He also provides onsite security training such as active-shooter drills. 


Read what clients say about his expert knowledge and guidance, as well as the ease of working with him.

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Alan is a Department of Criminal Justice Armed Security Officer and Instructor, as well as a seasoned church administrator, specializing in hospitality, security, IT, finance, operations, and facilities. This combination makes him uniquely helpful in his consulting practice to churches and private schools.

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AWARE Security LLC was formed to provide affordable contract security services to churches and private schools.


Contact Alan today to design maximized safety and security-action plans for your organization.


Alan Ware Consulting LLC was formed to help churches and nonprofits protect their people. Alan guides his clients through risk management, security action plans, security audits, assessments, and onsite trainings.  He speaks at conferences and seminars, provides published materials, and consults with clients across the country. 


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