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AWARE Security LLC is a Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) licensed, private security company.  We specialize in cost-effective contract security services for churches and private schools through these organization's own safety teams.


Our DCJS-credentialed Armed Security Officers (ASO) Plan involves taking your organization's own safety teams through DCJS training and credentialing. After your team completes training from a DCJS licensed school and instructors, these ASO's work for AWARE Security, not your organization.  How does this benefit you?  You receive certified armed security and we maintain the liability, workers compensation, and other security-related insurance.  We also maintain all DCJS mandated training requirements.  

Additionally, high-capability members can go on to receive additional training and credentials for a Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) license.  These PPS members are able to travel with staff offsite if needed​.

Contact Alan today to find out how your organization can provide its members licensed security protection.

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