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Alan Ware Consulting provides onsite and conference-call consulting for churches and nonprofits in the area of hospitality.  Alan believes strongly in the power of hospitality to mitigate security risks. 

Alan helps you set up a program that reduces the risk of your church being harmed in a disruptive event. The hospitality team can be customized to meet your needs and drastically improve the hospitality experience of your guests and members.  He understands each church is unique and plans are tailored to each organization's situation.


Alan analyzes your volunteer teams and your parking and entrance hospitality protocols. He works  to merge your hospitality and security teams into one cohesive unit to create a first line of defense.  Each person on the hospitality and safety team should be ready to share the Gospel with anyone they encounter. 

Alan operates out of the belief that deescalation through communication skills is the primary means of dealing with disruptive people, with the goal of redemption first and use of force last.  In fact, he believes the odds are you may never have to deal with an active shooter, but odds are very good you will have an opportunity to point someone to Christ if you serve in the ministry of encountering people.

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Being a Virginia DCJS-registered, armed security guard and a personal-protection specialist, Alan provides onsite trainings to organizations. From active-shooter role-play to diffusing volatile situations, he walks groups step-by-step through the how-to's of church security.  He also provides conference-call consulting for churches and non-profits in the area of facilities management and church security.   

He has consulted with executive pastors, trustees, sessions, boards, and executive directors, working with dozens of organizations across the country to assess their security risks, and map out action plans to minimize risk exposure.  


Alan is a certified church administrator with over a decade of experience.  He assists new church administrators in their fresh roles, helping them identify their top five critical issues, and creates solutions and game plans for moving forward.

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Alan's experience as a church administrator, a Virginia DCJS-registered, armed security guard, and a personal-protection specialist, makes him a sought-after conference and seminar speaker.  He presents to organizations throughout the U.S. about issues related to building security, active shooters, risk assessments, and action plans for minimizing risks.  Contact Alan today to book him for your next conference.

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