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alan ware bio

Alan spent the first 25 years of his career working in the technology fields of electronics, communications, hardware and software technology, high-security networking communications, business development and management.  Since 2003, Alan has worked as a church administrator in Richmond, Virginia for large churches, which also include Christian schools..


When the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech occurred, a student who had gone to his church's Christian school, died in the attack.  It was a wake-up call for Alan, and he began implementing changes that improved security at the church and school. From those experiences and training, a consulting career began as organizations and churches began to ask Alan to guide them in better security practices.


This was not the first time violence had struck someone Alan knew.  In college, a close friend of his was also murdered.  The culmination of these killings forged a desire in Alan to never allow these types of events to happen to the people under his protection.


As the world becomes increasingly violent with crime, terrorism, and mass shootings, Alan encourages organizations to take action to reduce the risk of violent events in their places of worship, schools, and business. He focuses on risk management as a first defense with a strong hospitality presence at the forefront of any plans versus simply risk response .

Alan is a Virginia Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS) credentialed Armed Security Officer (ASO), Personal Protection Specialist (PPS), Private Investigator (PI), Compliance Agent (CA), ASO/PPS  Instructor, and he has regularly studied and trained on active-shooter response. 

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